Frequently Asked Questions

How is BPS different from traditional security services?

BPS has 3 main features which are very different from a traditional security service. The types of services offered, training and experience of its operators, and specialized equipment and vehicles utilized.

Our company uses the local police department or armored trucks for these kinds of services, how is BPS better?

BPS, as a private security contractor, possesses many advantages over hiring typical city police. Primarily, police officers do not have any training in executive protection details or site security. Police officers are also not trained to perform site security analyses. This training is critical and is the primary function of what we do for our clients. In addition, we have the ability to dress in any fashion with any type of weapon system made. We have superior equipment and vehicles and are not limited to department policies and procedures. Our Operators also train for tactical operations on a weekly basis.

What is a typical detail for BPS?

BPS does not perform a “typical” detail.  Each detail we are hired to complete is carefully planned and executed after undergoing a unique logistics process catered specifically for that mission.  This can range from taking an executive’s family to the shopping mall or providing a QRF (quick reaction force) tactical unit to secure a manufacturing plant during a heated worker strike. 

Are your services comparably priced to other local services?

Our prices are very competitive to other local services, although there is no other local company capable of providing the services we offer.  You will find that the ultimate protection may not cost more than your clients are paying now.  We do provide a commercial price list; in addition we can provide a bid for our services depending on your client’s mission requirements which we obtain through a questionnaire since each mission is unique. 

How is your security training different from other companies?

The training our operators undergo is quite an interesting program.  Knowledge is power.  A typical police officer qualifies with his/her firearm 2 to 3 times a year.  For most of these officers that will be the only time they shoot.  Our operators participate in rigorous tactical firearms training on a weekly basis.  We train with pistols, carbines, submachine guns, belt-fed machine guns, and edged weapons.  We participate in on-going first aid and trauma classes.  We train with vehicles both in driving and shooting techniques.  We attend events and run mock details to practice threat assessment and risk analysis.  If it advances our abilities, it goes on the training calendar…….

Do you guarantee confidentiality?

Confi…..who?  All your personal and corporate information are guaranteed to be held confidentially. Confidentiality agreements are available upon request. We make it our mission to keep our clients out of the spotlight. Our operators are professionals.

What kinds of firearms do you have access to?

BPS holds a Federal Firearms License with the ATF.  In addition we have an SOT and are a Class 2 weapons manufacturer.  This means we can even build machine guns. We also have the ability to train and sell weapons to our clients. Our operators utilize only the best weapon systems on the market and have access to any type of weapon system the mission may require.  

Can you work with or train my existing security team?

We are prepared to work with your existing security team.  We know it can be cost prohibitive to travel with a large team as well as weapons and vehicles.  We can provide these items for your team.  We can also provide valuable information on local threats, routes and other important logistics. We work well supplementing your existing security staff.