Armored Vehicle Services

Bulletproof Securities’ armored vehicle services offer the latest in technology driven by our experienced vehicle operators. We have a strong partnership with a top U.S. manufacturer of armored tactical and civilian vehicles. Our vehicle fleet includes DOS certified armored suburbans fully equipped with the latest security features, rapid deployment trucks used as multiple mission platforms, and even armored personnel carriers when the situation dictates maximum protection.

Our suburbans offer an extremely low profile and are often used for personal security details (PSDs). These vehicles are discreet enough to go unnoticed while driving through the city, yet they provide level B6 armor to protect our clients from just about any unforeseen attack. With full leather interior, front high-back bucket seats, 4wd, run-flat tires, rear seat audio control and Bose® premium speakers, this is truly where luxury meets security.

Bulletproof Securities’ fleet also includes many remote location vehicles such as military grade Polaris rangers, razors and quads. These vehicles are used to assist security forces in patrolling remote sites (such as utility substations or fuel pipelines) and are very rugged and reliable. We also assist some of our clients and partners in law enforcement to procure their own armored vehicles. Bulletproof Securities encourages any law enforcement agency thinking about the purchase of an armored tactical vehicle to visit us and test one first-hand.