Explosives Recognition Team

Suspicious package?

Bomb threat? 

You can call your local police department, and IF your local PD has a bomb detection team they most likely have protocols that require your business be vacated for hours at a time while they do their sweep. Most of the time it’s determined to be a false alert. Then you have to worry about the media (who constantly scan police frequencies) reporting on your incident causing a massive PR storm.

Going this route can cost you thousands or maybe millions in lost revenue. 

You can’t risk the down time or bad press, but you also can’t ignore the safety of your employees. There’s a better way, and THAT’S where we can help. 

Bulletproof Securities Explosive Recognition Team is a full service team utilizing a Certified LE K9 handler with bomb dog, a bomb technician equipped with a portable real-time X-ray scanning system, and a security element. These are the same systems in use by Law Enforcement and Military personnel. 

Discreet and certified, for a more efficient way to investigate potential bomb threats facing your business call us at 480-994-3090 for more information.