Medical Responders

Bad things happen at unexpected times. Seconds count and having highly trained medics ready to act can mean the difference between life and death. Bulletproof Securities provides an array of medical and life support personnel and assets for both the corporate and tactical environments. BPS provides experienced nurses, paramedics, and EMTs with strong military, police, and rescue backgrounds.

Services and qualifications of our medical team include:

  • Licensed Physicain
  • Paramedic Instructor
  • Paramedic responders
  • Fully equipped with narcotics and antibiotics (Paramedics only)
  • EMTs

Our medical teams have experience working in high stress and high-risk environments such as mobile triage, mass inoculations, and natural disasters.

In the busy hustle and high stress environment of the corporate world, BPS medics provide immediate first responder services for all types of situations. Priority one is the health and well -being of our client’sexecutive staff and board of directors. BPS provides medics during these important events and meetings. We also provide medics for corporate retreats, conventions and team building outings.

Keeping our clients safe is our #1 priority

  • Corporate events
  • Retreats
  • Tactical Environments
  • Individual Needs