Quick Reaction Force

In the wake of unforeseen events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, power outages, or civil unrest, Bulletproof Securities provides fail safe quick reaction force teams to bring stability and security back to the situation. When catastrophe strikes, the government has proven to be unreliable and unable to provide meaningful protection. Our Quick Reaction Force (QRF) guarantees to fill this void through the immediate deployment of a dedicated and highly trained force for as long as necessary.

Bulletproof Securities’ Quick Reaction Force teams can respond with the appropriate equipment to be self -sustained for extended periods of time and lock down sites preventing further disruption. Our Quick Reaction Force teams are trained in the force protection of our clients’ assets and personnel. We provide these teams on retainer with guaranteed response times to suit the needs of our clients.

Bulletproof Securities’ QRF teams are responsible for the protection of many firms which own and operate critical infrastructure in Arizona. Sixty-five percent (65%) of critical infrastructure in the US is owned by private firms. These private firms must rely on highly experienced and trained QRF teams to deploy at a moment’s notice with the latest technology and protect this infrastructure to keep it operating without fault. BPS provides these teams.

Helo Deployment Services

BPS now offers the option of quick deployment of personnel via a new Eurocopter AS350-B2. BPS can quickly deploy three fully loaded out operators (gear and weapons), including a medic to remote locations that would normally take hours to reach by vehicles. The A-Star can also be used to transport clients and security personnel to locations as needed. The helicopter can transport a litter and patient in medical scenarios. The A-Star pilot is highly trained with decades of experience flying both fixed wing and helicopters. The helicopter is based out of the Scottsdale Air Park, blocks away from the BPS HQ.

Pricing is approximately $2100 per hour, which includes pilot, fuel, insurance and maintenance fees. Once the helicopter lands, if it stands by, the stand-by fee is only $110 per hour. A mobile fuel trailer is also available if a more remote base needs to be set up for longer term use.

Quick deployment of security personnel in crisis situations could be the key in the successful protection of company facilities and employees.