BPS - No Compromise Security Force

Quick Reaction Force / Force Protection

In the wake of unforeseen events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, power outages, and civil unrest, Bulletproof Securities provides fail safe quick reaction force teams to bring stability and security back into the equation. When catastrophe strikes, the government has proven to be unreliable and unable to provide meaningful protection. Our Quick Reaction Force (QRF) guarantees to fill this void through the immediate deployment of a dedicated and highly trained force for as long as necessary. Bulletproof Securities’ Quick Reaction Force teams can respond with the appropriate equipment to be self sustained for extended periods of time and lock down sites preventing further disruption. Our Quick Reaction Force teams are trained in the force protection of your assets and personnel. We provide these teams on retainer with guaranteed response times to suit your needs. 

BPS QRF teams are responsible for the protection of many firms which own and operate critical infrastructure in Arizona. Sixty-five percent (65%) of critical infrastructure in the US is owned by private firms.  These private firms must rely on highly experienced and trained QRF teams to deploy at a moment’s notice with the latest technology and protect this infrastructure to keep in operating without fault.  BPS provides these teams.