Site Security

Site security, also referred to as static security, is an essential element to the successful operation and longevity of almost any facility component in society. From charter schools, office buildings and mining operations to fuel, water and power facilities, Bulletproof Securities provides site security teams with custom operational plans and state–of-the-art equipment to keep our client’s facility and its occupants secure. BPS will perform the necessary security assessments and design operational plans specifically for our client’s site.

Depending on the operation, our highly trained and experienced security operators work in suits, business casual, uniformed and/or tactical uniforms. BPS operators have a wide array of personal equipment to choose from dependent on the mission at hand.

To provide the highest level of security at the facility, our security operators have many weapon systems (lethal and less-lethal), optics, night vision, thermal vision, armor, and lighting options to choose from. We will also make recommendations on how to improve physical security measures and have the capability to implement new protocols such as electronic access, CCTV, digital recorders, and barriers. Complacency is no longer an option when a breach can result in excessive amounts of lost time, money and additional liability for our client’s firm. BPS site security operators are experienced in securing residential structures and hotel areas for short or long-term stays.