Special Activities

Physical Surveillance

Bulletproof Securities (BPS) offers the most up to date surveillance techniques used by the United States Government.  BPS can employ surveillance teams to subtly keep an eye on any situation. All surveillance technicians are trained in, and can adapt to any environment or circumstance the client requires. The difficulty of surveillance will generally be a function of four things: the environment, the surveillance awareness of the subject, the resources you can deploy, and your objectives. These variables function together. Whether it is a surveillance team that is required or a single technician BPS is the premier choice for all static and mobile surveillance needs.

Counter Surveillance

BPS offers a unique product allowing our clients to identify surveillance. The goal of counter surveillance is to make surveillance do things that no one else in that environment is doing. BPS specializes in surveillance detection, by utilizing tactics and techniques used by intelligence agencies around the world. If you’re trying to spot surveillance, you need to know what kind of interest the opposition has in you. Are you an intelligence agent trying to operate “in the gap” - that is, in the momentary blind spot of enemy surveillance? Are you a foreigner who might be targeted for a kidnapping? An ordinary citizen who’s being sized up for a street crime? Know your enemy and you will learn to recognize him by his behavior.


BPS utilizes trained individuals for elicitation by using a technique to discreetly gather information. It is a conversation with a specific purpose: collect information that is not readily available and do so without raising suspicion that specific facts are being sought. It is usually non-threatening, easy to disguise, deniable, and effective. The conversation can be in person, over the phone, or in writing. Conducted by a skilled collector, elicitation will appear to be a normal social or professional conversation. A person may never realize they were the target of elicitation or that they provided meaningful information.

Threat & Vulnerability Assessments (TVA)

All facilities face a certain level of risk associated with various threats. These threats may be the result of natural events, accidents, or intentional acts to cause harm. Regardless of the nature of the threat, facility owners have a responsibility to limit or manage risks from these threats to the extent possible. BPS will identify these risks through assessments called a TVA and provide recommendations for solutions.

Red Cell

Red Cell operations are the practice of viewing a problem from an adversary or competitor’s perspective. The goal of the Red Cell is to enhance decision-making, either by specifying the adversary’s preferences and strategies or by simply acting as a devil’s advocate. BPS utilizes Red Cell tactics by physically infiltrating secured areas, bypassing and identifying gaps in security. When there is a threat to a client or company and the opposition has the will, any security system or posture can be bypassed. Let BPS identity those gaps; once the gap is identified it can be mitigated.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Services - TSCM (De-Bugging)

Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasures (de-bugging) can be defined as a combination of searches, both electronic and physical, which are intended to provide a business, person or organization some reasonable assurance of privacy against electronic surveillance devices (commonly referred to as “bugs”). Bulletproof Securities is acknowledged as a leader in providing electronic sweeps to detect and neutralize bugs. We employ the same techniques and equipment used by the U.S. Government. All of our information specialists are experts in the detection of electronic eavesdropping systems, and also are trained in espionage and information collection techniques. Our technicians have over 50 years of combined experience in law enforcement and RF technology.

The search or “sweep” is conducted by utilizing sophisticated equipment and techniques, in conjunction with a meticulous physical inspection.

Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasure Sweep Synopsis:

  • Radio Frequency Examination for hidden telephone, room, or body transmitters.
  • The Radio Frequency Examination will also detect Video transmitters, FAX or TELEX transmitters, and burst/hopping transmitters.
  • Radio frequency spectrum analysis which will allow for audio and visual inspection of suspicious signals of transmissions.
  • VLF examination of AC wiring for Current Transmitters which utilize the AC wiring as a transmission path.
  • Examination of the telephone line system for Hook-switch Bypass, Parallel Tap, Series Tap, and voltage/current status.
  • Amplification examination for suspicious telephone or room wiring for the presence of buried microphones/transmitters or equipment modification.
  • Infrared examination to detect and locate surveillance devices that utilize Infrared Energy for transmission. The examination will also detect Narrow Beam Lasers.
  • Examination for Microwave Surveillance and Acoustic Leakage.
  • Physical “sweeps” of walls, ceiling and floors to check for electronic devices using a non-linear junction detector. The sweep will detect both functioning and non-working microphones as well as other devices.
  • Examination of vehicles for transmitters and Pulsed Tracking Devices.
  • Physical inspection for tape recorders and transmitters, both active and dormant.

Should you or your company desire TSCM services, please contact Bulletproof Securities from a secure phone from outside the area in question. Do not mention this request to any of your employees. Bulletproof Securities will meet with you at a secure location to discuss your options.