Workplace Violence Solutions

Workplace Violence Awareness Training


Our goal is to raise awareness surrounding violence in the workplace and to offer instruction for diffusing it. Our program will teach proven methods that will help employees manage disruptive and aggressive behavior. Programs will be tailored to your company’s atmosphere. Reduce disruptive incidents, reduce and diffuse workplace violence, lower risk of injury, and improve workplace relations while reduce exposure to liability. 


BPS will conduct a 4 to 5 hour training seminar which will be hosted at the BPS facility in downtown Phoenix. The intent of the seminar will be to raise awareness and train all employees alike, regardless of their position. Lunch will be catered and class size is limited to 25 per class. *This can be done on site as well, location is flexible. 


BPS has developed a three-tier system for respective level of responsibility and training: 

  1. Decision Makers / Executive Level 
  2. Human Resources and Employee Support / Management 
  3. Staff 

Each group has a different role and responsibility as it pertains to workplace violence. BPS will work with each group to raise awareness and establish guidelines for responding to workplace violence. The training will be unique for each group and will be comprehensive for the company. This training can be done on site or at the BPS facility in downtown Phoenix. 

  • Training time approximately 120 minutes 
  • Class size 25 employee 

Policy Review Scope

  • Evaluate current policies and procedures to identify critical voids 
  • Create new policies to enhance accountability and commitment to safety and security 
  • Create an Emergency Preparedness Plan specifically for the threat of violence in the workplace 
  • Reporting System with checks and balances to protect employee privacy and reputations 
  • Establish auditing/test system to ensure consistency 
  • Quarterly drills 
  • Semiannual audits 
  • Create a comprehensive management system for ongoing evaluation of reported concerns 
  • Ultimately, we will establish a functional system that is easily implemented while setting protocols for responding to the report of concerns or actual threats of violence 


  • Security access control policies and procedures 
  • Medical training 
  • Technical security measures (Cameras) 
  • Workplace violence policy 
  • High threat terminations policy 
  • Crisis & pandemic policy 
  • Emergency response plan 
  • Accident report form 
  • Code of conduct 
  • Harassment policy 
  • Whistle-blower policy 
  • Conviction disclosure 
  • Weapons policy 
  • Active shooter policy 
  • Flags & indicators of potential threats 
  • Reporting chain when flags are identified 
  • Managements responsibilities when flags are identified 
  • Client’s scope to mitigate threat once flags are identified 
  • Employee training curriculum & requirements 
  • Threat assessment policy 
  • Threat report form 
  • Employee & vendor background screening policy 
  • SAT – Situation Assessment Team (Security, Legal, HR)