Client Testimonials

Bulletproof Securities values its clients and enjoys a long working relationship with many of them. Below are a few letters we’ve received from satisfied clients. Please contact us for more references.

Excellent Executive Protection Services

Dear Tom,

I am writing to you to thank Bulletproof Securities for your excellent executive protection services.  As you are aware, I am a visible executive of a public company and certain events led us to believe that I could be the potential target of someone intending to do harm to me personally in light of my position with the company.  Needless to say, it was very difficult to believe that this was even a possibility and that we really needed personal security detail (“PSD”); but, after watching the video of an armed gunman (with no mask) brazenly break into my home in broad daylight, and systematically search the house without looking for, or taking, a single valuable, all while an audible alarm was sounding, we decided to explore our options.   

I had been concerned about returning to my home and stayed away for two weeks.  However, one cannot stay away forever.  Looking to find a way to feel safe in my home and be able to sleep at night in order to perform my corporate responsibilities, I decided to engage Bulletproof Securities.  As a former member of the White House staff, I was both familiar with security details and the types of security operators necessary for effective teams.  I am writing to tell you something that you already know — the team you assigned to my PSD was impressive.  Special Agent In Charge Walter was experienced, thorough, and discrete. Special Operator Davidson was equally professional — physically and mentally agile.  Together, they provided a custom-tailored PSD that allowed me to return to normal activities. During the day, I was able to perform my corporate responsibilities without distraction.  During the evenings, I was able to enjoy my home and even sleep for a few hours because I felt safe — and that nothing would happen that your operators could not handle effectively.  I am extremely grateful for their protection and for your assigning them to my PSD.  

Both John and Brian (as I have come to know them) are men of extremely high integrity and trustworthiness, possessing the EQ that so few possess today.  I am sure that is no accident and that you and Dave are responsible for making sure that you hire only the most elite and well-trained operators.   However, even amongst such high standards, I felt compelled to let you know that when it comes to executive protection, these two are “rock stars”.  People never think about who they really could trust if their life depended on it.  I have — and I do not have to guess anymore.

Thank you for everything —but most importantly, peace of mind!

CopperPoint AZ

Dear Mr. Kennedy,

My name is Rick DeGraw. I’m Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff of SCF Arizona, the state’s largest workers’ compensation insurance company. Part of my duties includes facilities and real estate. We own and operate the SCF Tower at 3030 N. 3rd Street in Phoenix, a 252,000 sq ft., 14 story facility.

When I assumed these responsibilities more than two years ago, we utilized a rent-a-cop security force and had problems weekly, from guards that had no idea what to do in an emergency, to those who slept during the day. Our employees were uncomfortable in a large building with weak security and we decided we needed to improve our security, but did not wish to expend much more money.

Luckily, we interviewed and hired Bulletproof Securities. They have been efficient, effective and incredibly helpful. The attitude of our employees has improved significantly, the number of “incidents” of one kind or another has been reduced to less than half, and Bulletproof’s supervisors and staff have added new ideas to improve our efficiency and our safety.

I cannot stress enough how professional the Bulletproof staff has proven to be. Every staffer, at all times, is polite, courteous, efficient, watchful and unobtrusive. I receive thank you’s from carious staff people about how much better they feel in the building with the Bulletproof staff. They’re always on time, they never have vacancy or absence problems and their cost, for increased and improved security, is only slightly higher than we had expended previously.

With hundreds of people coming and going all day and with late night and weekend hours, SCF Arizona has improved our security greatly and eased employee concerns significantly over the past two years. I cannot recommend Bulletproof Securities more highly. They are professional and direct in everything they do and we have been very pleased with their service and their support.

I would be glad to speak directly with anyone regarding Bulletproof’s operations at 3030 N 3rd Street. Please feel free to call me at 602-631-2044.



Rick DeGraw

Senior Vice President

Chief of Staff

Confirmed Serious Threat

I contacted Bulletproof Securities due to a confirmed serious threat. With almost no notice, Bulletproof provided me with an extremely professional Protective Security Detail to mitigate any potential harm. BPS security specialists provided close protection in a discrete manner and assisted in facilitating a safe environment without interruption or worry. BPS coordinated with local law enforcement agencies to ensure a smooth operation with excellent communication. BPS afforded my family and me complete peace of mind to enjoy daily life without the threat of harm. 

R. Patrick McGinley

President - Management Services

Mentally unstable terminated employee

“When our office was faced with a mentally unstable, terminated employee, it made everyone uneasy. After consulting with Bulletproof Securities, they developed a plan to secure our work environment without drawing attention to their presence. Ensuring the safety of all our personnel was our number one priority. The professionalism displayed and the attention to detail when approaching the situation was comforting. With BPS’s timely response they had someone in our office that day. When the individual returned to the office, BPS quickly reacted with discretion and quietly escorted the threat off the premises without anyone in the office knowing he had returned.” 

Large Corporation

Name withheld upon request

You do not know when you need them

“You don’t know when you need them. But when you do, you don’t have time to go looking around for someone. It’s critical to have a professional organization such as Bulletproof ready to react, with a complete solution to all workplace issues.” 

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Counsel of large corporation

Name withheld upon request

Peculiar Situation

“I was faced with a peculiar situation; something you don’t see coming, and when it’s time to act you don’t know where to begin. I had an employee who had demonstrated odd and seemingly dangerous propensities to staff and clients. We knew we had to deal with the situation, but with workplace violence on the rise, what is the correct approach? We consulted Bulletproof Securities (BPS) on how to safely handle the situation and ultimately, the termination. BPS handled our situation with attention to every detail. BPS turned what could have been an ugly situation into a “normal course of business.” We owe thanks to BPS for its professional approach to a very unusual circumstance.” 

Executive Director, HR of large corporation

Name withheld upon request.


To whom it may concern,

It is a genuine pleasure to honor for me to recommend BulletProof Securities In. Parson subcontracted the services of BulletProof Securities for the past year for guaranteeing the safety of our teams involved in the Military Munitions Response Prioritizations Site Inspections Programs sites near the Mexican borders. I have had the distinct privilege of being in the field with the security teams provided by BulletProof Securities in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico.

BulletProof Securities quickly established themselves as one of the most competent and professional firms I have personally been involved with, from conducting pre-reconnaissance of our bombing targets to a full range of site surveillance. Team members of BulletProof have always shown wealth of knowledge and training while conducted our bombing range inspections. BulletProof Securities conducted a well laid out plan each and every time Parsons has called upon them for security support. BulletProof Securities have always gone above and beyond all of our expectations.

I would like to be very clear about why Parsons keeps going back to hiring BulletProof Securities. BulletProof Securities has always neem goal oriented as well as team players, they have always been punctual and very devoted to their work and yet east going making them enjoyable to work with.

In closing, let me say I have no hesitation in recommending Bulletproof Securities for any level of security. I am confident they would be an asset to any organizations security needs.



Jeffrey Ulmer

MMRP SI QA/Resource Manager

Salt River Project

Due to the sensitivity of the services provided, please use the contact below for a reference.

Earl Blades


Security Services Manager


Unisource Energy

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to introduce and recommend Bulletproof Securities, Inc for any special security needs. Since 2007, they have complimented and enhanced our Corporate Security department in throughout the state. Through their expertise, responsiveness, and professionalism, TEP has been able to achieve advanced levels of protection for our critical infrastructure protection programs.

The Bulletproof staff has proved themselves to be invaluable to our company on numerous occasions and have demonstrated a strong commitment in exceeding our security needs. The BPS operators are always at eh forefront with finding common sense solutions, work well with the UniSource staff, and it’s been my personal experience that the Bulletproof team is highly competent and well trained.

Bulletproof is clearly the industry leader with providing top level security operators to meet any need and are very unique with a dedicated and fully equipped Quick Reaction Force that is available at a moments notice.

They have incredible expertise and experience with planning, directing, and implementing all facets of security for executive protection, loss and asset protection, sensitive internal investigators, and work place violence issues.

We could not be happier with the professionalism of their staff and the pride they take not only in representing Bulletproof Securities, but in UniSource Energy and Tucson Electric Power as well. The quality and training of all operators, and the management support provided by Tom Parrella is extremely impressive.

Please accept this as my total endorsement of Bulletproof Securities, and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss in detail how grateful we are with them meeting out security needs.




Scott R. Rathbun, CFM, CPE.

Director, Corporate Facilities and Security

Habitat for Humanity

Dear Tom:

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona would like to thank you and Bulletproof Securities for providing security for out Blueprints & Bluejeans even on April 3rd.

Your operators (personnel) were prompt, prepared and extremely professional. They were able to give the Habitat staff “peace of mind” which allowed us to focus on our guests and the evening’s festivities.

We would HIGHLY recommend BULLETPROOF SECURITIES and will utilize you for future security needs.




Roger Schwierjohn


Karen Tremper

Chief Development Officer

Empire Southwest

January 23, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

This is an endorsement of the professional security firm Bulletproof Securities, Inc. Empire engaged the services of Bulletproof on multiple occasions in 2008 and over a few days recently in 2009. We experienced remarkable attention to detail, professional consulting and flawless execution from this firm.

The type of services that were provided by Bulletproof related to corporate security due to employee reductions in our work force in volatile markets where Empire conducts business. Bulletproof advised us and consulted on our needs, made recommendations for processes to follow, orchestrated their team to ensure maximum security, and attended announcement meetings at multiple sites with our CEO and executives. We had a few incidents with angry employees that were quickly managed and monitored by Bulletproof with no injuries and zero disruption to the workplace.

The management and staff of Bulletproof have been appropriately involved in advance planning and then pre-training of our supervisors prior to each action; but their approach has been to blend in and remain completely inconspicuous, while increasing our sense of confidence and achieving 100% safety for everyone involved.

On behalf of Empire’s CEO and owner, Jeff Whiteman, and Jim Smith, Vice President, who share my respect and appreciation of Bulletproof Securities Inc., I can say with confidence that we highly recommend them and will engage their services in the future based on complete satisfaction and the knowledge that they deliver on their commitments.


Jan Holland Hailey

Director Human Resources

Tucson Electric Power Company


I want to thank you for the professionalism and dependable service provided by you and the employees of your company.

I am very impressed with the quality of work and caliber of personnel provided by your company in support of Tucson Electric Power, including: investigative surveillance matters and workplace violence case monitoring support, Quick Reaction Force requirements for supplementary security coverage, and assistance with policies and procedures.

In the state of Arizona there is not another company capable of providing these services and meeting the needs of Tucson Electric Power in this area. Bulletproof Securities has always been reliable and responsive on short notice.


Jeremy Sturgeon CPP, CFE

Director of Security Services

Tucson Electric Power Company

World Wide Wheat

Dear Tom,

I wanted to thank you for the corporate protection services that you provided to our company on our most recent trip to the USA/Mexico border. The professionalism of you and your team made us feel quite at ease in a possibly dangerous situation. Just knowing that you were all there made our customers take a “different look” at us, as a very serious company concerned for its employee’s safety and well-being.

I would highly recommend your companies service to anyone who needs the added protection and peace of mind. Our company will certainly use your services in the future.




Sheldon E. Richardson

President and CEO

Simply Bread

Dear Tom,

My apologies that is has taken me so long to write this letter, but time got away from me and finally I can step back and catch my breath. There certainly is no excuse given the professional sense of urgency with which you and your colleagues took on the task of providing protection to me and my company during a particularly stressful time.

The professionalism and diligence of your team contributed to a sense of protected comfort for which we are most grateful. All of the while, your discretion, being seen when you needed to be and invisible when what was appropriate, made a huge difference in providing the protection we needed. Most of all, our confidence that whatever needs might arise would be attended to by your team gave us a sense of security that was both tangible and appreciated.

Should you choose to use me or my company as a reference, feel free to do so. Your conduct was exemplary and I have no hesitation in recommending your company for any security challenge that needs to be undertaken.

Kindly extend my regards to Robert and Ryan.


Yours sincerely,

Simply Bread, LLC.,


Harold S Back

Chief Executive Officer