Protective Security Detail

Executive Protection / Personal Security Details

Our experienced and well trained security operators provide top quality executive protection services and personal security details (PSDs). Our PSD operators are not merely hired on the basis of physical size as is commonplace in the celebrity world. Our PSD operators are recruited, screened, and trained to ensure they are among the select few in terms of experience, intelligence, and professionalism. Our operators bring with them years of elite military and law enforcement experience. However, unlike many of our competitors, our operators continuously train and hone their skills to ensure they remain at the peak of their ability. They are professionals, both in their actions and appearance. We are committed to providing the highest level of security and protection to our clients. Our clients include corporate executives, professional athletes, celebrities, politicians, as well as their associates and families. Our services include complete risk assessments, pre-operation intelligence, route planning, and evade and escape plans.

“If there’s anything to admire about (client name withheld), it’s her bodyguard staff. I got to meet them personally tonight, and let me say that they’re not rent-a-cops, they’re the real deal. I never got within a hundred feet of her.”

That’s what the opposition had to say in an online article they wrote after attending our client’s event.

Our operators are trained to be discrete when the situation dictates. On other occasions, deterrence through a show of force provides the best protection. This is why we offer both high and low profile security teams. The threat level, threat type, and our client’s requests determine our uniform. Our teams train and can deploy with equal effectiveness in suits, casual wear, or tactical gear. Our PSD operators easily adapt to the environment to get the job done. When the mission requires, we offer fully armored suburbans for our clients’ transportation needs. These vehicles provide the highest level of protection, but appear ordinary to the casual observer. Whether it is a business trip to Mexico, or a night out on the town, we keep our clients secure.

Bulletproof Securities is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix is THE kidnapping capital of the United States! We always urge you to stay safe and alert wherever you are, but for when you or your family is facing a threat, Bulletproof Securities offers kidnap protection services. Call us or fill out our contact form to the left for more information or to request a quote.

International Travel

When it comes to international travel we understand the only way to provide adequate security coverage for our clients is the utilization of local assets within the specific area of travel. We have developed and continue to develop a worldwide network of facilitators and security personnel who can provide real time accurate information and security services to facilitate our overseas protective missions. All of the security assets we utilize are under our direction and control. They have all been vetted and properly trained to meet our protective security standards. Some of the regions where we are prepared to offer protective services and intelligence information in include but are not limited to; Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Haiti, Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan.